Back At The Chicken Shack

Back At The Chicken Shack with Ken Struck

Wednesdays from 8pm to 10pm on WFDU HD2

Bio- Ken Struck

Cartoonist/illustrator/educator/armchair musicologist, Ken Struck was born and raised in New Jersey, and had his mind warped at School of Visual Arts during the '80s. Everything since then has been a blur. Previous radio experience at WMSC (Montclair) and NEWT Radio (Newton).

When he's not reading moldy paperbacks or watching old Bowery Boys comedies, Ken concentrates on painting chickens. "I'm never at a loss for subject matter. It's always a chicken." 



"Back at the Chicken Shack"

A hot, deep fried bucket of greasy blues, extra crispy R & B, super twangy Honky Tonk, home style Rock n Roll and a heapin' helpin' of sweet & spicy soul! Have mercy! Yow!!  Back at the Chicken Shack - find out what all the clucking's about!