WFDU Power Increase!

WFDU is happy to announce that with the FCC approval, it has successfully doubled their antenna height on the Alpine Tower and raised the power to 3000 watts, increasing our listenership more than two fold. 

Getting the word out that WFDU has expanded its coverage area pursuant to the map below. WFDU-FM General Manager and Program Director Duff Sheffield and Chief Engineer Michael Philips drove around the NYC  metropolitan area to determine how far the station gets after the power upgrade. Amazingly, WFDU now covers most of Long Island, Lower Connecticut, Lower Hudson Valley and the five Boroughs of New York City. In the upcoming September 2016 Membership Drive, the station really needs listener support as they plan to introduce new membership benefits. 

Listener supported WFDU raised the output power from 650 watts to 3000 watts. This upgrade has more than doubled our FCC licensed coverage area at 89.1MHz and increased our potential on-air audience from 3.8 million persons to 8.2 million persons in the NYC metro area. WFDU also began broadcasting in HD (Hybrid Digital). There are total 3 digital channels now at 89.1MHz. The HD1 channel, WFDU-The Essential broadcasts programs that have been familiar to our audience for over 40 years. The HD2 channel - Jazz & What's More (Monday through Friday) is expansion of our tried-and-true eclectic music shows that include blues, classic country, oldies, bluegrass etc. 

We are also very proud to announce that the WFDU HD3 channel, also called as Masterworks is devoted entirely to classical music to give an alternative to those discerning listeners in this very popular public radio music format.  All forms of classical music including opera are featured.  WFDU looks toward being able to partner with prestigious organizations to provide more exposure for WFDU’s exciting new music formats.

HD radios are now readily available in most new cars and at most major online e-tail websites from $50 and this new technology opens up a whole new variety of listening experiences.

All WFDU music channels are streaming on the web 24/7 and are available on iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio, and many other streaming services including our own web streams found on our website <>

All shows are also available on our website based archives for 2 weeks after they have aired.

For those interested in helping out with a donation, WFDU offers a secure credit card “DONATE” area on the website or by calling 201-692-2012. 

WFDU will truly be the eclectic voices of Fairleigh Dickinson University.

For more info, please email WFDU General Manager & Program Director Duff Sheffield at: 

To: WFDU Listeners

From: Kenny O'Boyle, General Manager

Hello to all of the dedicated and loyal WFDU listeners. I hope you and your loved ones are doing well during these crazy times. 

This is Kenny O'Boyle, general manager of WFDU, recording this messages from the comfort of my crumby one bedroom apartment in Wayne, NJ. 

As of Friday, March 20th, Fairleigh Dickinson University has further restricted access to the campus. Now, not even I can enter the radio station and I am doing my best to control the radio station and keep us on the air from home. 

We are hard at work figuring out ways to improve our remote control over the radio station so that we can freshen up our programing and continue providing the music, entertainment and information that you’ve grown accustom to at WFDU. Please be patient with us as these are unprecedented times and we are still working out the kinks. 

I have a couple of announcements regarding our recent WFDU fund drive. First of all, thanks for supporting the station. Our most recent fund drive is one of, if not the most successful fundraisers the station has ever had. So, thank you, thank you and thank you again. 

Secondly, for those expecting WFDU T-Shirts and other premiums, this crisis is going to delay the effort of getting these gifts to you. The original plan was to mail everything to you from the radio station. Seeing as no one is allowed inside the radio station, that is not possible. I'm currently exploring other options and will keep you posted if anything develops. Our sincere apologies for this inconvenience and we very much appreciate your patience. Thank you for your support of WFDU. I promise, we will come through for you eventually. 

Lastly, for those people who have recently sent in their donation or plan to send back their donation soon, we are currently unable to deposit these donations. So, your checks and money orders will be in limbo until we can. At this point, there’s no telling when we will be able to deposit these checks, but as things develop, I will do my best to keep you updated. 

If you planned to send in your pledge kit in the near future, I recommend holding on to it for a little while until things change. Or, you can fulfill your pledge by making a donation online. Simply go to and click donate in the upper right. Then fill out the online form and boom you’re done. This advice also applies to those people of have sent in their donation in the last few weeks. If you donate online, let us know and we will void the check. 

These are very trying times. I'm confident that together, WFDU, our listeners, communities and our nation as a whole, will get through this. Please follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC and other government and public health officials. Stay home. Go out, only if it's absolutely necessary and maintain a social distance. Wash your hands a lot and don’t touch your face with unwashed hands. 

I will do my best to continue recording and broadcasting these update messages. Please continue checking our website and the WFDU Facebook page ( for more information. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a message at 201-692-2806. T Or better yet, send an email to 

Thanks again for listening and all of your support. We are doing the best we can and will do anything and everything possible to stay on the air! God Bless you all. Stay safe and be well. 

- Kenny