Dr. Newark Presents

Every Sunday 1 - 3pm EST - HD2

Saxophonist/composer/arranger/bandleader Mike Kaplan (aka Dr Newark) hosts the weekly internet Jazz Radio show Dr Newark Presents on Sunday afternoons from 1 - 3 pm EST. It's available EXCLUSIVELY on the HD2 Channel (Jazz and What's More) at www.wfdu.fm.

Dr Newark Presents...  is an entertaining, informative, fun and eclectic mix of music from the dawn of Jazz to current day/new releases. Bebop, Swing, Dixie, Hard Bop, Hot, Cool, Lukewarm (just making sure you were reading carefully on that last one..Jazz, Straight Ahead, Avant, Bluesy "Grits n Gravy" and much more .... we'll hear it all.

Dr Newark Presents... often features theme hours or theme shows. One artist, one instrument, a feature album/cd, other imaginative musical themes and formats are explored as well. The show often showcases lesser-known artists whose music has unjustly "fallen through the cracks"... as well as higher profile music by the celebrated greats. 

In addition to playing to the saxophone, Kaplan spent his high school years listening to the great Jazz Jocks of WRVR-FM out of New York City: the witty, encyclopedic and always surprising Ed Beach, the exciting Les Davis, the urbane Max Cole.  Mike often spent his overnights from midnight - 5am digging the suave, ultra-hip Van Jay on ‘RVR.... and waiting for his own call-in requests to Mr Jay get played.  

In one otherwise unmemorable year at the University of Rochester, the future Dr Newark got the radio bug himself, hosting 2 weekly shows at the campus radio station WRUR: An AM show that broadcasted on campus and an FM show every Tuesdaynight that covered a 75 mile radius around the city of Rochester. He left U of R to follow a career performing music and put aside his radio aspirations..... until NOW! Tune in on Sundays to find out more. 

Internet only.... Once again: Available EXCLUSIVELY on the HD2 Channel (Jazz and What's More) at www.wfdu.fm.

For more info on some of Mike’s musical activities off the air:  www.mikekaplannonet.comwww.adelantemusic.comwww.smokinsection.com