Mark After Dark

Every Saturday 10:00PM - 1:00 AM Eastern Time - HD2

Mark After Dark is a new radio show combining talk, comedy, interview, and discussion of the on­going history of great music. Featuring artists from the past as well as the present, our host Mark After Dark will take listeners on a musical journey, incorporating interesting facts, information, and interviews with the artists ...and, of course, the music itself.

Following in the spirit of great radio and music journalism, Mark is a great listener, a walking Rock and Roll encyclopedia, as well as a life­long devoted fan of hard driving, straight ahead Rock, in all its many forms. Mark’s off-the-cuff, straightforward interviews offer refreshing insight into the music of today and yesterday. His comments, knowledge, and observations enhance the experience of being a real music fan. He will lead other music fans on a high­-octane, late-night road-trip of riffs and rhythms; an all night drive to a rock concert, with a dedicated and informed music aficionado at your side.
Mark After Dark "The Man Who Hates Everything, Except the Real Thing!” has been a Rock and Roll and music enthusiast since his earliest childhood. From sneaking into AC/DC and Charlie Daniels concerts when he was a pre­teen, waking up with Ted Brown on WNEW AM, or walking to school with great DJ’s like Dave Herman on WPLJ FM, or Scott Muni on WNEW FM rocking his Walkman. Mark’s has truly been a life of music. Leaving home early to pursue life on the road with various bands, his time as a musician gave him the opportunity to tour all over the country and meet and perform with many who have since gone on to rise through the ranks of the music industry.
Today, Mark’s enthusiasm for the art is expressed through his journalistic endeavors. He writes for “New York Waste”, a local New York City newspaper with national distribution. Always controversial, he has received thousands of emails from readers who both love and hate his bold, opinionated, and passionate articles. These articles consist of reviews of current releases, shows in and outside of New York City, and interviews with many of Rock’s true legends. Mark After Dark made some of his finest discoveries in little­known clubs and reviewed them before anyone else knew who these bands were: Nashville Pussy, Queen V, The Donnas, and many more. Mark’s passion for music and his ability to forge alliances with the heroes of Rock and Roll have won him interviews and friendships around the music world.
His controversial and brash style has earned him the honor of comparison to classic Creem Magazine’s Lester Bangs. In 1996 the first incarnation of the Mark After Dark show was born on two of New York’s better known cable channels. Running late­night on Fridays, it has become a part of the New York Rock Scene, gathering many loyal fans. It was rated to be one of the top cable shows in 1999 by Timeout magazine.
Mark has been a devoted fan for over 30 years. What started out as a childhood obsession has grown into a mature, yet still infectious enthusiasm for all that is considered good music. A consummate defender of the Rock and Roll faith, he is committed to not allowing Real Music fade into obscurity. 
As any real Rock and Roll fan will tell you, "Rock and Roll will never die!" Mark After Dark is determined to keep the nature of music alive.