Roots Underground

Every Tuesday 4-7 PM - HD2

Adaria A. Armstrong is proud to present Roots Underground, a celebration of the uplifting, conscious and energizing sounds of Jamaican music. Arising as a unique cultural expression of multiple oppressions, a community of talented musicians, singers, and producers created a priceless body of work on a beautiful jewel of an island in the middle of the Caribbean. Roots Underground takes you on a musical journey of Ska, Rocksteady, Dub and Roots Reggae. Contained within these genres of Jamaican music are the messages of universal love, unity, equality, resistance, equal rights, and justice, that represent the triumphs of the human spirit overcoming often impossible trials and tribulations. If you thought reggae was just Bob Marley and a few other artists, I’m here to broaden your horizons and enrich your palate. For the very best in Jamaican music, I hope you tune and in and enjoy Roots Underground.

DJ3A aka Adaria A. Armstrong, originally hails from the city of sisterly and brotherly love, Philadelphia. Born by the banks of the Delaware River a few weeks after the Beatles landed at JFK, AAA was a music lover from the word go-bouncing in her crib to all types of upbeat sounds, including The Stones, The Kinks, The Who, Motown, and a plethora of Girl Groups.

Our young miss soon moved up to NYC, as her stepdad changed jobs from Phila’s WMMR to WPLJ in early 1970. Growing up at a killer rock station surrounded by cool DJs, vinyl, and attending hundreds of concerts, helped to encourage the little girl’s mind and heart towards music and radio culture, a path from which she never strayed.

A distinct memory from those musically heady days of the early 70s was of dancing at a poolside industry party to this incredible music which turned out to be the Wailers first LP, Catch A Fire.

Singing in bands since she was 14, AAA started with punk, jazz, and rock. Her first DJing stint was on WLFR at Richard Stockton College in South Jersey in the early 90s. Her show Alphabet City, named for the Lower East Side where she hung as a teen, featured everything from Astaire to Zappa. Graduating Summa Cum something with a near 4.0, Adaria earned her BA in Sociology and Anthropology. Along with being a DJ, she enjoyed acting in school productions, singing with bands, supporting social and environmental justice issues, and biking, hiking and canoeing in the stunning forests and rivers of the Pinelands.

Moving out to San Francisco for grad school in 96, AAA soon became involved with the vibrant reggae and roots community of the Bay Area as a fan, show promoter and a performer. She worked for Sierra Nevada World Music Festival and Reggae on the River for the next decade. From 98 to 04, AAA provided back-up vocals for various Bay Area reggae bands, touring the west coast, Hawaii, and Europe.

In early 2000, AAA wrote her ethnographic thesis on the reggae community of the bay area called Chant Down Babylon and went on to graduate with a solid 4.0 and an MA in Anthropology. Moving up to Sonoma County on the Russian River in 03, AAA met even more groovy peeps and started DJing on the local community radio, KGGV. Her show DubFunkShun featured the best of ska, rocksteady, reggae, and dub as well as funk and punk.

In 09, family called her back to North Joisey, and after 13 glorious years left the west coast behind. Since being back, AAA has been featured on a few cd’s as a session singer, and joined a band called One Tom Short, performing an eclectic mix of cover tunes from the Shangri-Las and Freedy Johnston to Aretha and Led Zep, exciting eager audiences until the end of 2013. She is honored and thrilled for the opportunity to share her love of Jamaican music with the WFDU listeners.

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