Hooks, Riffs and Attitude with Paul Felice

Every Saturday 7am - 10am EST - HD2

Hooks, Riffs and Attitude marks the return of Paul Felice to radio.  The program's title refers to Paul's favorite expression in describing the essential elements of what he thinks makes a great song.  No matter what the genre or era, Paul has found that music's most enjoyable and memorable moments happen to possess one or more outstanding examples of these three attributes.  So is there such a thing as the perfect song?  Pull up a chair and let's try to find out together.  Welcome to Hooks, Riffs and Attitude!

Paul's journey in radio has taken him from WVBR-FM in Ithaca, NY to WPKN-FM in Bridgeport, CT and then back home to WFDU-FM, both in the late 70's and again, today, on the station's HD channel. When not doing radio and being a marketeer, Paul is a longtime volunteer with the Ridgewood (NJ) Fourth of July Parade Committee, currently serving as the event's grandstand announcer.  Paul is also a juggling enthusiast, who in the 1980's started the Jersey Juggling Society, a club for amateurs and professionals to mingle and share tricks and techniques.  Paul even had a stint one summer in The Berkshires creating and running a radio station for summer campers.  What a delightfully long, strange trip it has been! 

Contact Paul: paulthomasfelice@gmail.com